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Facebook Ad or Boosted Post — which is right for your business?

Every business that posts on a Facebook Business Page will be aware of Facebook boosts. A quick and easy option to get your brand out to more people. Create a post, click the boost button and you’re set to go.

Facebook Ads require a more complex set-up on Facebook Ad Manager.

Which is best for your business? What is the difference between them?

There is a place for both, but the starting point for deciding which is right for your business is to look at your objectives.

Facebook boosts give you more visibility with engaged audiences, increasing your page likes and engagement. They are great for engaging and growing your fan base. Whereas Facebook Ads provide more tangible results, turning both your followers and new users into customers, by creating conversions, app downloads and leads. Analytics is crucial for understanding how your marketing is performing, in order to ensure you are using budgets wisely, and continuously optimising. Facebook ads deliver deeper insights including better placement options, custom conversion tracking, specific ad goals, creative control and more advanced targeting options. If you’re looking to increase your fanbase, Facebook Boosts may be a quick win, however, to increase your bottom line, Facebook Ads will produce far stronger immediate results.

Creating boosts vs ads

A boost doesn’t require any further investment in time. If you have a post that is performing well in terms of engagement, you boost it as it is. You can click through for some targeting options, and then press the button to go. An ad needs far more consideration. You need to understand who your target audience is, and what will hook them into your product or service. Creating audience persona’s will allow you to more easily create targeted ad sets, with target messaging on your ads within those ad sets. For Facebook advertising to be effective it’s important to understand who your target audience is, and why they will buy your product or service.

Always remember a clear conversational tone, with a clear benefit and one call to action will create the best results from your ad. Remember you’re talking to people who don’t know your brand, so don’t forget to include what to you may be obvious and you think everyone knows!

So are Facebook ads worth the additional investment in time and budget?

With Facebook used daily by around 44% of the UK population, and still the most popular social media channel, it’s a crucial channel for many brands. Pressing the boost button though, may not be the right way to use your budget as effectively as you could.

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